If someone makes 40,000 dollars a year how much do they make a month?

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hello lain I already got my answer for the first one lain hello no nead to give me info. I already have unless you can tell me what is 3333.33-80.00-85.00-20.00-735.00-99.00-299.99-64.99-69.99-64.99-99.00+300.00-59.99-175.00-200.00 (is that a negative? or lain look it up

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  • $40,000/12 = $3,333.33

  • Wow, really? I was giving you a little more credit than that. I mean, what kind of total i*diot asks simple math questions to people when they have access to the internet? They have free calculators available to use online, genius. Way to waste your time asking and reading answers for each equation when you could just type it in and have an answer within 30 seconds. You are making your homework take much longer. Smart.

    And another smart comment from you— why would anyone want the experience of a college graduate when answering their questions? Yeah dude, you’re right. A high school student has much more knowledge and life experience so they give better advice. Very intelligent of you.

    Do they call you ‘yo mamma’ because you’re so dense even yo momma don’t love you?

  • You would divide 40,000 by 12 (12 months in a year) which equals $ 3,333.33 a month.

  • if you have 40000 and you get 2% of it a month for the next seven years, how much would you get a month?

  • That’s a good question!

  • 40,000 divided by 12=333.33

  • $3333.33 a month

    It is simple math. $40000 divided by 12

  • I was wondering much the same thing

  • over 3,000

  • ummm…..doing this in head umm….$3333 dollars!

    ok i really didn’t do it in my head but there is the answer…!

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