If someone says “Do you want to sleep head to toe?” What do they mean?

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Just curious…

6 Answers

  • Not really sure what the street definition would be but for me it means one person sleeping with their head at the top of the bed and another upside down with their head at the bottom of the bed. (So your head is in line with their toe)

  • Toe Definition

  • It means their English is so mind-boggling weak that they don’t know what “head to toe” means. You can’t sleep head to toe, but you can wash yourself head to toe, meaning all over your body. The best I can figure, it amounts to some moron’s creepy attempt to make an indecent proposal in an attempt to satisfy his ᴘᴇʀvᴇʀтed desire to inhale stinkfoot.

  • Do you want a sound sleep, free of worries?

  • They mean that they want you to wake up with their stinky foot mere inches away from your drool puddle.

  • not head to head next to one another.. like one opposite of one another..

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