If you lose on a game show, do you still get paid for playing?

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I was watching Family Feud last night and the family that won, had won 3 times before last night. So unless they were locals, they would have to stay in a hotel for 4-5+ nights, depending on if they won or not. I was just curious as to who pays for that. The family had won $21,500.00 total, but what if they hadn’t won the jackpot one night? Then their total winnings would have been like $2,000.00. That is about what it would cost for a hotel for them all for 5 nights. I’m just wondering when you go on a game show, do you get paid for your appearance, whether you win or lose? Does the show pay for your hotel stay? Travel costs?


No, I’m not planning on going on a game show, I was just curious I guess! I was just thinking that if those people hadn’t won the jack pot once, then all the money they won would go towards their hotel costs..it just didn’t seem worth it!

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  • It entirely depends on which show.

    Family Feud tapes 6 episodes a day, so you don’t need to stay in a hotel for a week. Worst case scenario, it’s two nights, max. And the production company pays for their stay, so there’s no chance of losing money. Losing families don’t win any cash, but they do receive consolation prizes on top of their free trip to LA.

    Otherwise, it depends on the show. Some shows will reimburse you for your stay, some don’t.

  • Yes they pay for your hotel, travel cost but now sure if your paid to go on the show you prob are.

  • I am not sure if you actually get a pay check for playing TV game shows, but at the end of the show I have seen the credits and sponsors that contribute “prizes and accomadations” “paid for by who ever.

    Helpful ?

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  • More than likely, no. My teacher’s brother was on Who Wants to be a Millionaire, but he only won $16,000, I think. He was only on for one day, but I think he had to pay hotel costs himself.

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  • are you thinking of going on a game show? good luck good luck!

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