I’m confused- what is the actual truth about this superstition?

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Okay so the superstition about your left or right ear burning. Some are saying its right

for spite, left for love. And some are saying vice versa.

In a nutshell my right ear is burning like mad- and I’d love to think someone was taking the time to hate on me behind my back. Although it would be nice to be loved too 😉

Oh and I apologise if I’ve categorised this wrong.

Thank you

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  • Left Ear Burning Superstition

  • Left Ear Burning Superstition

  • The real actual truth is that it’s just a superstition. Superstitions are completely made up to explain totally random things.

    The way I heard that one is that the left ear is the evil ear, so that’s someone thinking bad nasty thoughts. And the right ear is someone thinking good thoughts. Then I heard that if your ears ring it means someone is talking about you, then someone else said it just means they’re thinking about you.

    But if you get a sudden shudder or chill, it means someone just walked over your grave. And that one is kind of stupid, because how do they know where I’m going to be buried if I’m not dead yet? I don’t even know that one. And if your palm itches and it’s not from sudden hair growth (and we all know what causes hairy palms), it means you’re going to get some money. Nobody knows how much, but just money.

    My favourite one, however, is the one where you can go blind if you don’t stop doing that. That one is busted many times over. I’m not admitting anything here, but I can assure you that I don’t even need glasses yet.

  • Its some old wives’ tales that if your right ear lobes seem hot and burning sensation it means good news is coming your way and those on the left ear means bad news. Like the twitching of the eye lids too have some significant old wives’s tales meaning. The right upper lids twitch means good luck like money is coming, people from afar is visiting or good things are going to happen. The left upper lids twitched means bad luck, problems to worry about, something is not going your way, a money loss etc. So are the twitch in the eyebrows, nose, lips, even the face *

  • When i was young it was right for spite and left for love. When it happens you ask a person you are with to give you a number from 1 to 26 then you find the corresponding letter from the alphabet. eg. 12=L. So anyone you know with that initial is talking about you (good or bad) Of course there’s no way of knowing if they are or not so it’s pointless really, just one of those daft things we pick up.

  • hmm. I never believed in divination that depended on personal ailments. The things you list is not a superstition, but falls under the category of ‘old wives’ tales’. No need to apologize. Good luck with your answers.

  • Superstitions. Are they even real? Are they accurate? Or just made up by peasants in the medieval times or something?…

  • It’s a weird thing called red ear syndrome I have it

  • It is to do with rhyming right for spite opposit to right left opposite emotion love. Really it is of no consequence at all

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