Im taking algebra 1 again in 10th grade?

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I failed algebra 1 this year as a freshman (dont give me crap i feel bad enough) so my parents told the guidance counselor that i should retake next year instead of summer school. I’ll still be a sophomore but i’ll be taking algebra 1 again. will colleges look down on this and is it a bad thing in general because i dont know if anyone else in my grade will be taking the class again. Or should i ask them to let me take summer school?

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  • No one will look down on it if you get a good grade. If you do all of the homework and you do extra practice problems, you will get a good grade, and then all of your later math classes will seem easier as well.

  • Hmm, this is a tough call, notably considering that geometry is rather diverse than algebra. many that did properly in Algebra struggled with geometry. (yet right it particularly is the hint: geometry is a undemanding introduction into deductive reasoning and good judgment. because of the fact of this Socrates had an indication up over his door pointing out, “enable no guy enter who is conscious no geometry.) individually, it replaced into my renowned math type, notably proofs. A “B” is an extremely first rate grade, besides the undeniable fact that this is recommended to seek for a regular Geometry type rather than the AP/college prep/honors or regardless of you opt to call it, notably in case you struggled with algebra. I admit that i’m slightly perplexed as to why your instructor advised you to repeat the class. that would shed some mild on the undertaking. yet individually, i do unlike this instructor’s rather “gloom -and-doom” philosophy. I propose you look into some geometry learn books at you interior of sight library and leaf by them. If it variety of feels “do-in a position” for then you definately decide for it. (remember, a great number of it is going to look slightly unusual.) I confess, nevertheless, I do lean in direction of forging forward to the subsequent step. by potential of ways, this is been over 30 years considering that I took the two type. shop that in the process recommendations as you think approximately what to do.

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