im trying to find love songs from bands like senses fail alesonia all time low paramore or simalar HELP PLEASE

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im trying to make a love song cd and i dont listen to the songs my g/f likes!

i need help please just list as many songs that are in that type of music


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  • its alesana btw.

    senses fail : rum is for drinking not for burning, handguns and second chances, lady in a blue dress, sick or sane, the priest and the matador

    alesana: congratulations, i hate you; alchemy sounded good at the time; pathetic, ordinary; and they call this tragedy; daggers speak louder than words; try this with your eyes closed…

    paramore: hallelujah, crushcrushcrush, misery business, whoa, let this go, pressure

    all time low: poppin’ champaigne, jasey rae, hit the lights, memories that fade like photographs

    that should help some, if you want get some similar bands like

    a change of pace: shoot from the hip, loose lips sink ships, home is where the heart is

    bring me the horizon: a lot like vegas, pray for plagues

    halifax: straight up, scarlett letter

    armor for sleep : end of the world

  • ok, so bands like them are as followed (in paranthesis are the songs i would reccomend. i promise she will love them and youll be the greatest bf in her eyes lol)

    ~we the kings (skyway avenue, check yes juliet, all again for you)

    ~the maine (daisy, give me anything, i must be dreaming, i wanna love you (akon cover), we all roll along is a really good song but its more of a friend song)

    ~a cursive memory (everything)

    ~valencia (3000 miles, the space between)

    ~the cab (i’ll run, take my hand, whisper something fragile)

    ~sing it loud (no one can touch us)

    ~fall out boy (its not a side effect of cocaine so it must be love)

    ~hit the lights (tell me where you are, one hundred times)

    ~tokieo hotel (sacred)

    def. use some all time low and paramore (id tell you which ones to use, but since you already know them, youll know which to use.)

    use these songs, theyre all sweet and just like all time low and paramore.

  • haha i can help you with that cuz i just made 1 of these cds for my g/f

    with me-sum 41

    my heart- paramore

    gunslinger-avenged sevenfold


    six feet under the stars-all time low

    your guardian angel-the red jumpsuit apparatus

    i caught fire-the used

    smother me-the used

    i miss you-jamestown story

    i need you-jamestown story

    falling in love-falling up

    the last night-skillet

    swing life away-rise against

    remember to feel real-armor for sleep

    only one-yellowcard

    promise-matchbox romance

    tiger lily-matchbox romance

    i miss you-incubus

    there is-boxcar racer

    dear god-avenged sevenfold

    my heroine-silverstein

    haha i think that may help a little

  • For the best answers, search on this site

    how about some grunge Pearl Jam Nirvana Screaming Trees L7 Stone Temple Pilots The Toadies Soundgarden their better then the crap you listen too

  • the strokes-12:51

    add that to the CD

    she will love it

  • we the kings are rlyyyyy good……….metro station?

    Source(s): meeeeee!!! !

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