In a sentence do you capitalize the word cannabis?

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  • In a usual sentence, you should not capitalize it, but see below.

    Here is the reason for confusion. Cannabis is the name of the genus of the plant. For instance, in Homo sapiens, the HOMO part is the genus.

    In the system of Latin binomial taxonomy that scientists use, that first word, the genus name, should be capitalized AND put in italic. Therefore, if you are reading a scientific paper, you will see Cannabis used in capitals all the time.

    However, if you are using it in daily speech or normal writing, people will use cannabis as a common name, like marijuana, and they will not capitalize it.

    For example.

    Felis leo lion

    Homo sapiens human

    Cannabis sativa cannabis or marijuana.

  • Only if it’s the first word in a sentence. It is not a proper noun, and therefore, no capitalization is necessary.

  • I say no, on wikipedia, it’s not capitalized

  • Only if it is the first word.

  • yes because it’s a name

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  • i dont think so

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