In Korea, eating dogs is very popular. Why then do we not do it in the US?

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13 Answers

  • We don’t eat dogs in the United States because we have never eaten dogs. In China, Korea, and other places in the world there is a history of it. We eat little piggies (which are smarter than dogs) and developed the domestic cow over hundreds of years to both drink it’s milk and eat it’s flesh. Maybe both are wrong?

  • Lewis and Clark bought dogs from Indian tribes for the express purpose of eating them.  They mention it in their journal.

  • It is not very popular in Korea.  

  • Uh dogs help us not go crazy during times.

  • The consumption of dog is actually falling out of popularity and has been for years especially in South Korea.

  • Can YOU envision eating Snoopy? 

  • Because people don’t want to. If you can obtain dead dogs you could eat them. Not for me though.

  • It not popular and only done at festivals 

  • Eating dogs is gross

  • Koreans bred a certain type of dog to eat. We don’t eat them because we determined that animal to have too many human like traits. Eating an animal that likes you that much? I don’t want to.

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