In neopets, how do I haggle to make the price of an item lower?

I’m searching for an answer but I can’t understand what to do. Answers say that to haggle, I should click on the item I wish to buy, then type the price. But.. how?! where should I type the price?! I really can’t understand. Help!

How’s that?! When I clicked on the item, a dialog box appears. And it says.. are you sure you want to buy the item at *np? you can still haggle to push the price lower. What should I do?!

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  • Hi.

    If you’re in a shop that a Neopets user has created, you cannot haggle. Prices are set by the users, and what you see is what you get. All the shops that you find with the Shop Wizard are user shops that you cannot haggle in.

    You can only haggle in the main shops. They are found here:

    And there are other shops in the Plaza and Bazaar. Links are on the page.

    If you’re in a shop that allows you to haggle (e.g. the food shop, the book shop, etc.) then click the item you want to buy. Click “OK” to begin haggling.

    If the item is still in stock, enter the amount you wish to pay and click the pet in the picture to continue.

    There, you’re haggling!

    You can keep haggling until the shopkeeper decides that you should stop, or until the item is sold out. Generally, the shopkeeper will want you to pay a certain amount of NP… depending on the shop and the price of the item.

    May God bless you.

  • When you buy from a user created shop, and click on an item you wish to buy, a popup will appear that you will buy that item on that certain amount of neopoints, which means you can’t haggle the price lower

    On the other side, if you are buying from a neopets created store, you can haggle the price lower…:D

  • When the window that shows (you can still push…..) click ok . They’ll be a box to type the price and click on a neopet in the lower picture. Eventually, an agreement will be made.

    This can only be done by most shops. Others, like the igloo garage sale, or users’ shops cannot haggle

  • To haggle is to make the price cheap by making the salesman lower the price. In neopets when you click on an item it should come up with this page saying to enter your price, make the price a little bit lower than the suggested price to get it cheaper.

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