In Pet Sematary, what does: “The soil of a man’s heart is stonier…mean?”?

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The soil of a man’s heart is stonier. He grows what he can, and he tends it.

First, what is he comparing the soil of a man’s heart to? To the cemetery? If yes, how is the soil of a man’s heart stonier?

What does he mean bu he grows what he can and he tends it. What does “he tends it” mean?

(Tend means bend or incline….so what does he tends it mean?”

Some people believe the quote means You reap what you sow, but I don’t get the relation. If someone can explain, and please give your own interpretation of the quote.

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  • Found this on a Stephen King board:

    I think the stony soil of a man’s heart makes things both harder to take seed, to fix, and to grow. And it also makes a man appreciate what does grow there and tend it and protect it. King’s (or, I suppose more accurately, Jud’s) argument would be that women’s hearts are more open and easier to “tend”. I’m not sure I’d agree 100% but I do think Jud believes it with all his stony heart.

  • The soil of a man’s heart is stonier, tougher, difficult to permeate, like the soil was as the burial ground. Not much grows there, but a man grows what he can…and tends it. Conversely Jud views women to be the opposite…

  • In context he was talking about men and women. A man’s feelings are the soil and there is only room for the most important things to grow. Those are the things that he will care about.

  • What would you sow and grow in a man’s heart? This would be love, pain (heartache), etc.; emotional attachments. You fall in love with a limited number of people, some of them break your heart or you lose them in death, you do your best to mend the resulting hurt. Pet Semetary is about refusing to let go of the dead; of being so overwhelmved with the task of gardening the stony heart, it’s easier for them to use the pet semetary in hopes of bringing their loved one back to life.

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