In runescape how does the request assistance thing work?

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Some1 said that if he assisted me i could chop yews if he had a high enough level to chop yews even if my wc level wasnt high enough but then tried it and it didnt work

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  • It only works for certain skills like construction but not for those make money fast skills like fletching or woodcutting. Heres an example of how it works:

    Say you have 40 crafting. You have an uncut dragonstone gem from the crystal key you used to unlock the locked chest in Taverly. You need 55 crafting to cut the dragonstone. You just request assist one of your friends with 55+ crafting, and you can cut the Dragonstone. You do not, however, recieve the crafting xp.

  • Its quiet simple. You Right click “req. Assist” on another player and you can use there skill levels. BUT theres no wcing. You cannot use a skill from someone else that allows you to get raw materials, or combat. I like the idea of it i just havn’t used in a long time. Though say you want to cook sharks, your level 80, and the player thats assisting you is level 99, well its gonna use YOUR 80 cooking to cook the sharks not the 99. I think thats stupid but ok. But if u say onyl have 70 its gonna use his 99.

  • I believe the assistance feature only works for certain skills. Its true that for those skills you will be able to do things only those at a certain level could do. But i think its better to just work towards the level you want so you dont have to leech off others. Besides they get all the exp…

  • works for certain skills

  • you need to go to settings and push as. button and when your trouble your friends can help u but not in wilderness

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