In the gilmore girls, why does Logan keep calling Rory ‘ace’?

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  • Logan first calls Rory by the nickname “Ace” during Season 5 in episode 6 “Norman Mailer, I’m Pregnant”. In the episode Rory, who writes for The Yale Daily News, uncovers a story about a secret society called “The Life and Death Brigade”. Logan Huntzberger is a member of the group, so Rory questions him on his involvement and the club’s activities. Logan calls Rory “Ace” (as in Ace Reporter) during an instant message session in the news room because of her tenacity in covering the story. It is then that Logan promises Rory a full scoop and it also plants the seeds of their eventual romantic relationship.

    This is all from but i think it’s pretty much right, hope I helped:)

  • You’ll remember that they first got to know each other when she was uncovering the story about The Life and Death Brigade. Logan calls Rory “Ace” as in Ace Reporter.

  • It’s a nickname that stared back in series 5 when they wern’t dating 🙂

    It stands for Ace Reporter..

    Sweet or what?! Ha and plus logans HOT!

    Hope this helped 😀

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  • Apparently it comes from the term Ace Reporter aka reporters who got the best stories.

  • as in ‘Ace Reporter’

  • its his nickname for her. i don’t remember how it started.

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