In the Vampire Diaries, who killed Elena’s parents?

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On the show, I remember that Elena’s parents were killed in a car accident. But my friend told me it was one of the vampires, like one of them jumped out in front of the car or something. I don’t know, I’m just confused. If anyone could clear this up? I don’t care if it was only mentioned in the book series, I’m just curious.

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  • Chuck Norris

  • They started series 1 with a car crashing because of a vampire but that wasn’t Elena’s parents. As far and seen on the show her biological parents were killed by an accidental car crash.

  • I distantly remember an accident where elena is in the back seat and wakes up with the car being upside down. She s trapped inside but she sees the silhouette of someone who had just been run over and they were popping their bones back into place. As the person walked toward the car something else happened and the person disappeared. It was probably a vampire.

  • No one killed them, they were in a car crash. Stefan tried to safe them but only got to Elena in time. You may have been getting confused with the two people camping in the begin of the pilot episode, those two were killed by Damon.

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  • It was an accident. It says it in season 7. There was a storm and the road was slippery

  • i thought it was just a car accident

  • Hey you!

    Do you mean her non-biological parents?

    Tammerz is right about them! 😛

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