In what states can you get your nose pierced at 13 or 14?

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I want my nose pierced, and my parents have okayed it. where i live i cant get it.. do you know a state i can ?


where i live you HAVE to be 16 years old even with a legal quardian! i have checked everywhere and that is the law

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  • Most places you have to be 18 or with a parent (i’m from michigan and i’ve been to NC and it’s the same there). I don’t recommend getting a nose piercing at your age anyways, just looks weird kinda like a 7 year old wearing makeup. I would say just wait till you’re 16 because it’ll look better at that age anyways.

  • If you go to the right piercing shops that don’t really go by that law, you can get it done in Maryland or Pennsylvania. I’m not sure about anywhere else though.

  • It’s called get your parents or an aunt or uncle to take you. If your 13 or 14 how do you intend to GET to another state? Think about what your saying.

  • Er, kind of ridiculous to have go to a dif. state to get it done.

    You can get your pierced here(Florida) at 14 or 15. My friends who’re 13 and get it done usually go to this one girls mom who use to be a piercer and she does it for free.

    Like someone said, if your parents push the subject and get them to agree to it/be in the room with you, it should be fine.

  • LOL. You don’t have to be a certain age to get it done you just need to have your parents with you so they know they are not piercing a minor with out parental permission. good luck(:

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  • uhh…. wat do u mean? i live in NY and i got my nose-pierced at 12. ur age doesnt mattrr. jst matters where u get it pierced at. nevertheless, come to NY to get it! (:

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