In your class there are 48 students,32 students are female. Approximately what percentage is male?

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Can anyone show me how to get the answer please? Thank you

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  • What kind of school puts 48 students in one class? That is way too large. There would be little individual interaction between the teacher and student. If you are in such a school, get out.

  • (48-32) = Male students = 16

    Percent Male = 16/48 * 100% = 33.3%

  • 16 male students

    48 total sudents

    (no. of male students/total students)*100


  • Trick question: Not enough information.

    We would also need to know how many kids expressed gender diversity and how many are cisgendered.

    Without this information, there is no way to know how many males there are.

    We could perhaps research to find the approximate percentage of cisgendered children in the school’s commumity and make some assumptions for the specific classroom in question, but there would be some uncertainty involved. And possibly a great deal of error if there were specific variables which had an impact on the cisgendered ratio of the population. For instance: what if the school is locates in San Francisco? There are just too many possibilities to know for sure.

    Source(s): At least: that’s how government-funded public school text-books will answer that question in a couple years.
  • 16 students are male. Make a fraction with 16 on top and 48 on bottom. Reduce to lowest terms. That means 16/48 equals 8/24 equals 4/12 equals 2/6 equals 1/3. 1/3 percentage wise means 33&1/3 percent. 33.33 percent. Get it?

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