‘Invalid’ Directory error when trying to upload .Nif files in creation kit.?

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So i’ve been modding skyrim for a while but I have encountered a problem; When I try to upload a .nif file to make a new piece of furniture, when I upload my model ( A .nif) I get the error ” Invalid directory” May I please get some help with what the problem is, I see all these other modders doing it 🙁

Things I have tried;

Duplicating an object and changing the .nif still same error message

Creating a new one from scratch and uploading a .nif still same error message

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Doing both of the above with and without skyrim loaded.

Placing the .nif files into different places like the steam apps directory still same error message

Trying different .nifs files still same error message

1 Answer

  • Any .nif files should be placed in your “…skyrim/data/meshes/” directory.

    Also, you may have to disable “user account control” in Windows (not sure if this is really a problem or not, but I have heard people say that after they disabled it, things worked for them).

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