Is 10% of your grade a lot?

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I have this quiz I have to take and it’s worth 10% of my grade. If I don’t do very well on it it, is it going to mess me up very badly?

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  • Not really. That means that if you get a 0, it’ll take 10 points off your overall grade, so if before you would’ve gotten a 90, you’ll get an 80. Obviously you should try to do well, but it’s not the end of the word if you don’t do well.

    I hope this information was very helpful.

  • 10 Of Grade

  • If you completely fail the quiz, and it is 10% of your grade, the best grade you can get in the class is a 90/100, or a very low A, assuming you do everything else a 100%. If you 50% on that quiz, the best grade you can get in the class is a 95/100, or a solid A, assuming you do perfect on every other assignment.

    Yes, it is a lot.

  • I’m pretty sure if you lose 10 percent you will drop one whole letter grade

    Depending on your percentage of grading in your class

    Some classes have 100-90 A

    89- 85 B

    84- 80 C

    79- 70 D

    Or atleast that’s how my gradings were

    Source(s): My own school
  • It’s a lot for 1 quiz, so do your best and redeem yourself with bigger tests.

  • no it wont affect it to where you were going to fail unless you have a low overall grade.

  • no

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