Is 1660 a good SAT score?

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just got my scores this morning from my first SATs 😉

ohh and if its not a good score…be nice people.

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  • It’s good, but it’s not GREAT.

    If you are applying for State schools, it will most definitely get the job done=]

    However, since it’s your first time, you probably know you can do better!

    Honestly, the best method is to get one on one SAT tutoring. It is best to have the sessions on the days leading up to the SAT. However, tutoring is expensive, so if you can’t afford it, it is almost as effective to take a prep class or to study on your own.

    If you choose to study on your own, I suggest the official College Board SAT book. The SAT questions are copyrighted materials, and only the College Board has the authorization to use past test questions. It is relatively inexpensive, and should be very helpful.

    Also, in all honestly, when studying, it is best to focus on the sections you think you are stronger in. This doesn’t mean to ignore the ones you don’t do as well in. However, if it is a subject you have a natural strength in, you are more likely to do better.

    Good luck! …and be proud of your scores, you did pretty well

  • Is 1660 A Good Sat Score

  • 1660 Sat Score


    Meh? SAT scores aren’t the end-all be-all to your academic career. They are considered, but colleges want to see that you’re going to be a good candidate for doing the work. Therefore, the weight of a single test is often glossed over. If you have a good academic standing (which it seems you do) and have extra-curricular activities in your record that should be fine. There is no magic score that dictates what colleges you can and can’t get into. They factor in a lot when looking at potential students and it is my understanding that the SAT is a very small part of it indeed. I know plenty of college grads that never even took their SAT and some went to Ivy League colleges.

  • I took it when 1600 was the maximum but I can tell you that It’s all about the percentiles and not about the raw numbers.

    Out of 2400? I would guess that this is an average score maybe slightly better.

    If you do the study guides you can increase your scores 100-200 points (maybe more now)

    Good luck.

  • Average is around a 1500, so I’d say you did better than most. I’d personally retake it but you can get into many schools with that score.

  • It’s a little better than average, but, if you plan on attending college, you should definitely retake it.

  • well if its your first i applaud you 🙂

    but you def need more practice to get a higher score, so between now and your next test date, PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE i cant stress that enough. Practice WILL improve your score.


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