Is 21 too old to start college?

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So I’m kind of lazy and wanted to take a few years off after high school before going to college. I’m 20 now and thinking of starting college next year. I’m planning on going to community college and then I’ll probably transfer to a 4 year university. So yeah, is 21 too old to start community college? Will I not get invited to the parties? Will it be harder to make friends? I know there are lots of people who start at an older age but I’m just worried that I’ll miss out on that whole “college experience”. So what do you think, will the 18 year olds invite a 21 year old to a party? I’ll seriously be so miserable if I don’t have a good social life. And also I want to try out for the soccer team. Do you think they’ll let you try out at 21 or do they want the younger girls?

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  • Twenty-one isn’t too old to start cc. You’ll actually find that at least half your classmates are older than you are.

    Most ccs don’t have a lot of parties. Unless the cc offers housing, most students live at home and commute, which really impacts the social scene. But if there are parties, your age won’t make it so you aren’t invited. You’re only 21 – you’ll blend right in with the younger students.

    Getting onto the soccer team depends entirely on your ability. If you’re good enough, they’ll want you, period. And playing on a team is actually an ideal way to have a social life and get invited to parties at a cc. It’s going to help.

  • Hello, here’s a little advice from a 22 year old who started college at 21. Best decision I have ever made. When you have time to think about your life, and what you want to do, and really let it marinate it works out for the best. I knew I was ready for college and knew I wanted to be successful, and I went after it. Don’t be intimidated by these young’uns who start college right out of high school because most of them end up dropping out anyway by their second semester-second year because they are not ready. From my experience, I had more pressure but good pressure because I know I am a bit older and there is not much room for screw ups this time in the game. I was so focused, and studied so hard that I ended up getting grades I never thought I would see! As for getting invited to college parties, once you start hanging around these 18-19 year olds you wouldn’t even want to party with them anymore. They are ANNOYING. (no offense young adults, i’m sure there are plenty mature ones out there). Seriously though once you’re around them too long you’d want to make some older friends and FAST; one’s who could legally drink which is more fun any way right? ha ha. Lastly, for you joining a soccer team, I wouldn’t worry about it. Any coach who recruits based on age is no team that you should want to join. Hope this helps, and good luck on your first year!

  • No, 21 is not to old to start college. You will have a different social life than the typical college experience, and that’s not a bad thing! You don’t want to go to the college parties. You are of legal age and can do other things than get drunk in a frat house. Sorry, but it’s time to grow up. Have a real social life, outside of 18 year old parties. You’re way behind, so focus on your studies and go to school year round to catch up and try to graduate as soon as possible.

    You have a life to think about, not just social activities. You won’t live on campus. Your mother won’t be doing your laundry and you get that you can’t spend all your school loans on pizza and beer. You realize you won’t get further in your life without a college degree, so ꜱᴜcκ it up and get it done. Forget partying like an immature idiot and focus on social activities that actually enrich your life. Join campus groups with people who are going somewhere in life or are specific to your major.

  • Never too old to learn. As for the “college experience” that is a media driven stereotype and not an everyday/week experience, unless you go to a party college.

    Age tends to matter less the older you get and being old enough to buy beer gets you some bonus points with the younger crowd.

  • NOPE. My roommate last semester was a freshman and she was 22. You’re never too old to start college, so go ahead and I hope you enjoy it 🙂 There are lots of people way older than that here too, and it’s an exclusively undergrad school.

  • No deffinatly not. Your not 10 years older your only 2 of that because most just turn 19 when you start college.

  • Why care about parties? They won’t help you in life. College is about LEARNING. At 21, I thought most were past the whole partying stage of life.

  • No one is too old for college! College is where new skills are found and enhanced, it is for everyone, (supposed to be), you can see many colleges nowadays offering community computer courses for example, and also many other courses besides stuff like that like, I don’t know, graphic design or baking.

    Hope that helps!


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