is 66 degrees cold?????

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i live on the central coast… is that cold? i have pants and a long sleeve on but dont want to be too hot

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  • Nope 66 Degrees is a very moderate and nice temperature. You can wear Short sleeves and shorts

  • Is 66 Degrees Cold

  • No, sixty six F is amazingly on the element of 70 stages, that’s quite often seen heat. however the 50’s and 60’s could be troublesome, reckoning on wind, solar, cloudiness, and so on. A 55 degree, vibrant sunny day with little wind can seem very almost heat, a sixty six degree day with a wind, rather from the north or northwest and a minimum of a few cloud disguise, ought to require long sleeves or a sweater, yet no longer a coat.

  • I live in Michigan and my house is always 66. It’s freezing espically when it’s 45 outside. 68 is warmer lol. But we have had a 55 day and everybody had skirts, tank tips on. It depends on what you think is cold and it depends on what warm weather your used too.

  • No, it’s warm. A few days ago it was 66 degrees with average humidity and air quality, but the air felt so nice and fresh. I wore shorts and was absolutely fine.

  • Well, It really depends on where you are. If you live in the north, it’s not really that cold.

    If you live in the south it will feel warmer.

    For you, it should feel pretty warm, but don’t expect hot.

  • Nope it’s actually very nice weather if your live in the upper Midwest like me 😊. If you’re going to put on a t shirt I suggest you bring a jacket in case the wind starts blowing and you get chilly.

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  • 66 degree is not cold.this temperature is hot.

  • no, that’s a very moderate temperature… but I would think its a little chilly… long sleeve and pants should be fine… i don;t think you’ll be hot

  • You have never experienced that temperature before?

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