Is a 1720 on the SAT a bad score?

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Is a 1720 on the SAT a bad score?

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  • Mmm it’s OK, but keep in mind, most colleges only ask for the verbal and math. And a good range for that is 1200-1600 (total).

  • Is 1720 A Good Sat Score

  • 1720 Sat Score

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    Is a 1720 on the SAT a bad score?

    Is a 1720 on the SAT a bad score?

  • That’s an above average score. The national average for the SAT is a 1500, or a 500 on each test. How good your score is really depends on what college you are aiming to get into. That’s not high enough for the Ivy Leagues, but you ahve a shot at some of the more competitive colleges. Check for mid-50% scores for the colleges you are looking for.


    It depends what you consider a decent college. Most private schools don’t come into play until around the 1750+ range, so you’re not too far off in that sense, but the more selective schools all require at least 2000+ if not closer to 2100+ (e.g. Ivy Leagues). Public and state universities on the other hand have lower requirements in general and are more used to seeing kids around a 1300-1600 mark, so if that’s what you’re targeting, it’s not a bad score.

  • Its good.. 1720 out of 2400 and 2400 is next to impossible.. I would look at what college you are trying to get into and if that score qualifies you for it then I wouldnt worry. But if you are planning on going someplace such as Harvard.. It would need to be higher lol. But 1720 is good.

  • It’s above average, probably 60-70th percentile. If you’re looking for a specific list of private schools, go on collegeboard’s college search to look at the SAT score ranges of the middle 50% of test takers that were admitted to each institution. Of course, if your score is slightly out of the range, you can definitely make up for that with impressive grades, extracurriculars, leadership, etc.

  • No. That’s pretty close to what I got, and it’s slightly above avarage I believe. You should be in the top 30% or so of people who took the test. Now what matters more (in some circles) is your composite score, or CR+M.

  • That’s a really, really good score.

    In my high school the highest was like a 1900, but the average was like 1400….

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