is a 2.5 GPA in high school bad??

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well i am a sophmore in high school and right now i have a 2.5 GPA. Freshman yr i had a 2.7, but last semester i didnt do as well as i wanted to, and it brought it down to a 2.5. I am trying to get no C’s this semester so i can raise it. do you think i could still raise it to over a 3.0 at least if i do well enough jr yr and this semester? and do colleges look at any specific grades? like on ur transcript do they look at the specific grade u got in a certain class? and if they do, which ones do they look at? and will i get into college if i imrpove? i would like to go to a state school, and im not thinking about going out of state.i would appreciate it if someone would answer all these questions for me 🙂 thanks in advance

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  • Yes you can definitely raise it if you don’t have any C’s. It’s a 3.0 if you get all B’s. But it’ll be a low one, so you should try to get an A in a class to make sure you have that 3.0. Colleges look mainly at the grade in the class that you want to major in. But they do look at all of them, so it doesn’t hurt to have good grades. You will get into colleges if you improve and it helps if you get grades above B’s. It also helps if you do something that isn’t educational, like a club or volunteer work.

  • You can but you have to make mostly A’s. WE have 4 classes a semester and by getting all A’s one semester and one or 2 B’s the other semester I was able to bring my GPA up more than 5 points. I also took some honors classes..

  • If you want to enter a four year university, you need to raise your GPA.

  • ask a forutine teller they r allways right

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