Is a C a bad grade?(please answer!)?

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i consider a C,average, okay.

i have been getting A s& Bs my whole life,except in math.

my mom’s not really strict about me having good grades,but she does care that i have them.

today i got a C in L.A.

is that so bad?

my mom,sisters,and other family started to tease me and say i was dumb,only half joking.

i got angry and went upstairs.

is a C such a bad grade? please put you answer below…

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  • Yes, C is average. Whether that’s an okay grade depends on what you’re like. If you’ve been getting A’s and B’s your whole life, you could probably do better than a C, but it’s not the end of your life or anything.

  • Its average,look at it as your doing better than a D or an F so C’s aren’t that bad but when it gets into the C-‘s then that’s when you should be more concerned. (75-79) range is usually okay unless you could have easily done a lot better like getting a B+, or A. But any C below a 75, I would consider unacceptable unless you are trying your absolute best and putting forth effort.

  • A C I would think is average. My parents go nuts over a C, probably because in America it’s treated as a bad grade. I don’t exactly know why people think a C is a bad grade. It’s sort of like asking the question: How did Harvard become such a great college, the root of it

  • I would say C is a bad grade because a C in my school means it needs improvement. I saw a person who is average was C in his whole life and he end up being a barber. I would say A is a good grade and B is an average grade. For me, my lowest average in my whole life is an A- 90. So that is why I am talking like this.

  • Well…C is really bad. Depending on you.

    If it were my personal opinion I would say it is a horrible grade, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

    Make sure if there is any extra credit take it. Even if you have an A+ take the extra credit. It will be the difference between a C- and a B-.

    Source(s): Being Yelled at for getting a B-
  • C is not a bad grade. You can graduate High School with a C and still become a doctor. It happens

  • A C or C+ is average so if you get one on a test, don’t worry. It’s not the end of the world.

  • Ehh, it depends since this is totally my opinion. But the thing is, I’ve never gotten a B+ or below before. I’m going for valedictorian this year. So anything that’s not an A is bad for me, but I think that an average person should have at least a 3.0 or higher. At least you didn’t fail :]

  • For me, it depends. If I’ve tried my hardest and did my best and got a C, then it’s a good grade (maybe not as good as I’d liked to have, but still good). If I’ve slacked off, then it’s a bad grade because I could have done better.

  • ive gotten c’s before although im mostly an a student

    there will always be gaps in some subjects but just learn from the grade and try to get an a next time

    however, yea i do consider a c a bad grade but if i do get one i dont kill myself over it

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