Is australia is racist country?

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I’m from India and I’m Muslim I want to move to Australia, but many people my friends uncle and aunty told me not to move to Australia because Australian are Racist and told me better move to Canada (where my uncle and Aunty live)…I’m confuse where to move Australia or Canada. So I do some search on net,10117,18362839-421,… and few move sites its say Australia is racist. How bad racism is there in Australia?

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  • Preferably Canada…

    I live in Australia like in a couple of years and yes people are nice here…

    It doesn’t matter what you choose…

    No matter what don’t go to Sydney especially near Cronulla where it has a lot of race riots where they hate Muslims. Stay away from Cronulla, stay away.

  • The country isn’t racist, but unfortunately some of the people are. You will find ignorance everywhere in the world. I think Australia is a wonderful country. But, if you have a support network in Canada maybe you should go there.

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  • Well I am originally from Africa and I spent a few years over in Australia. From my experience there I found out that Australians are one of the most friendly people you will meet. They are very social and welcoming. They always do their best to make you feel at home. But like in every country I have been to there are a few people who are racist but don’t let this tarnish the true image of the people as a whole. Trust me you will love Australia.

  • There is so much to see in Australia – it’s such a beautiful country with a rich history and lots of friendly people. I agree that the country can’t be racist, the individuals can.

    I’m from a different ethnicity and I go to Australia very often to visit family. I don’t feel the least bit of racism while I’m there. Especially when you’re in the big cities like Sydney or Melbourne. Those cities are screaming with diversity. Good luck!

  • There isn’t a single country out there that isn’t racist to one point or another just like there’s not a single person that isn’t racist to one point or another. And why not Australia? They started out as a prison colony for all of the UK’s criminals but in the recent past, the Muslims seem to have taken over that title of most racist down under.

  • Dude your talking to a cнιcκ that is full Aussie! Never been out of Australia! But I can tell you this…I ahrdly think we are racist, its only when people move to our country and try and change the way we are living now that most of us get upset. I think u would find that we are very honest and up front and alot of people cant take that. Im talking bout the true Australian Aussie here! I myself have no problem with other countrys or other races whatever but i only get upset when they come over and treat us like we are racest! I think that you should move here if you have family over here. As you would find it hard if you new none! We are a beautiful contry but we just dont want people to take it for granted

  • Yes it is. You may not become a target on the streets, but receiving services like finding doctors, enrolling your kids to schools/nurseries may become an issue.

    Read Sydney Morning herald at You won’t see many migrant faces unless they are talking about criminal migrants. However you’ll see streets are full of Asian and Mediterranean 1st/2nd generation migrants during the rush hour. They only want your money and work. They don’t want YOU!

    I don’t regret leaving Australia after 4 years, although it is a beautiful country…

  • Some people are racist.They may be loud and stupid,but do not speak for anybody else.

  • My uncle lives there and he’s indian. he says it’s really nice-he lives in Melbourne.

    Maybe u should move there?

  • im a muslim

    i think that australia is a nice coutry.but canada is better for me..

    i recomand canada

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