Is being a mary kay face model a hoax?

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I was at the grocery store today and a women dressed in just casual clothes told me she thought i was really cute and wanted to use me as a face model for before and after with mary kay products. I was a little weirded out, but i was just wondering if this was a scam? or is it worth while for anything other than just getting your makeup done?

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  • I have been in MK for 10 years and I want to tell you that it is not a scam. I would like to explain it better so that you are not confused anymore. Each consultant typically keeps their own portfolio of before an after pictures of their potential clients with the hope than when you see some of the differences that the photo captures, you will be interested in making Mary Kay part of your routine. however, this model offer is not to become a model for Mary Kay Incorporated. Although there are occasionally contests where you can submit a photo and receive a chance at a true professional modeling experience.

    The Mary Kay Consultant was not trying to take advantage of you in any way, simply thought you were cute and would make a great addition to her personal portfolio as a testament to the quality of the products. After your makeover, if you aren’t satisfied with the after picture, you could certainly ask her not to include your photos in her album and I am sure she would respect you.

    You should give the products a shot. It is definitely an honor to be asked to be included in a model portfolio! You can feel free to email me if you have any more questions about it!

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    Your skin will renew itself every 4 weeks and it is true that the Mary Kay line will deep clean your pores and you may have a break out here and there. I wasn’t so sure myself when I first started using it. My face has always been pretty clear but when I started using the Timewise in Mary Kay, my face had acne everywhere. I stayed with it and wanted to use all of it before making my decision whether it worked for me or not. The whole line lasted me several months, so I had several months to see either improvement or worse problems. By the time I got to the last drops in all the products, I noticed my face was clearing up and very few signs of acne. Then I thought I was smarter than my Mary Kay consultant and started using only the cleanser and moisturizer and leaving out the Day and Night solution and foundation. Boy, was that a mistake!!! My face started breaking out left and right but this time, the bumps were hard and painful! When I told my consultant this she asked what steps I was taking. When I told her only the cleanser and moisturizer she told me to go back on the Day and Night solution and wear my foundation during the day and if it didn’t clear up to call her within 2-weeks. It actually took a little longer than two weeks for the couple of painful bumps I had to go away, but when they did, I haven’t changed my routine in several years and I have never had another painful bump or break outs since. (Now, I’ll get a bump or two during that time of month.) Let me educate you exactly what “allergic” reactions are. If you have acne appear during use of the product that is not an allergic reaction. An allergic reaction is when you have swelling, redness, itchy areas in result of any product. (No one is allergic to Mary Kay, the lady passed away in Nov. of 2001!) The overall gist, use the products in the manner intended. The products are designed to protect your face from the harmful elements out there.

  • You skin has a natural renewal process that is 4 week where the lower layer moves to the top layer. Blemishes start three week before it to come to the surface. There are several types of reaction or break out from skin care it is true that when you change a skin care routine your sould give it type however you need to be comfortable with how much time depending on the type of reaction or breakouts oyu are having. I recommend sitting down with her and trying other products sometime people try one Mary Kay line and say it doesn’t work if you work with your consultant almost always you can find the right system for you skin.

  • Kittysue I have had numerous modeling sessions where the ladies didn’t purchase a thing and it offends me for a former Mary Kay Consultant to run down my business that way. I do offer modeling before and after photos for my portfolio. I show the ladies how to take care of their skin properly and then if they want to purchase products..which some do and some don’t then that is ok. I do ask for more than one person to be there..(A) because it is alot more fun with friends to have girl time and (B) yes the chances of me making money off sales is more prevalent. It is a BUSINESS…A Business doesn’t thrive if it makes no money. As a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant I own my business and I need customers. I won’t apologize for that nor will I apologize for educating women on how to care for their skin and making them feel good about themselves. That is what I do and the women who do purchase…Love their products and bought them because they wanted them. End of story!

  • You are not going to be a model, she most probably wants to use you for Before and After to get you to buy products. If she went up and said she wanted to show you Mary Kay products you would say no. But instead if she says she wants to use you as a “model” you will let her do your makeup then she launches her sales pitch and she’s hoping you spend about $100 on makeup she used on you

    Looks like you aren’t the only person who has heard this line……

    “I used to sell Mary Kay. That’s what they do…..which is why I “don’t” anymore. It’s called “warm chattering”. They’ll even tell you to tell someone how beautiful they are and how great their makeup looks and that you would like to make them over because you’re working on your portfolio and would like them to be a face model for you. Then when you follow up on the makeover session, push them to invite friends over so you can turn it into a “party. Get 6 friends – more sales = more commission for you.”

  • Not a hoax, I did this a few years ago! It was fun !

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