Is cake a type of bread?

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What are the chemical differences and similarities between sandwich bread and cake (plain yellow or chocolate cake).

Also in regards to the differences and similarities do you think that you could say that Cake is a type of bread?

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  • What we think of as bread is yeast risen while cakes get their leavening from baking powder, baking soda or combination of the two.

    The simplest bread has but three ingredients flour, water and yeast.

    Some tea breads are more cake than bread. That would be your banana bread, zucchini bread.

    The biggest difference is the flour used for bread has a high gluten content where regular flour or cake flour is used for other items this produces a finer crumb than the bread flour that is high in gluten that produces a chewy texture that you don’t want in other baked goods.

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  • Bread And Cake

  • A sandwich bread has more structure to it, it is dense, on the dry side and does not fall apart easily. A cake does not hold well together, it is spongy, moist and crumbles easily. Regular breads are usually on the bland side because they are eaten as accompaniment to other foods such as soup, stew, cold cuts, cheeses, etc. as part of the meal. Cakes are already sweet and rich and can be eaten as is.

    I think that cake is really just a type of bread. If you examine it, it really is bread-like, made of flour, fat and leavening. Cake separates a poor man from a rich man. A poor man dines on bread. The rich man after dining on bread, takes out another bread – fat, rich, and sweet and covered with more fat and sugar, serve it with frozen cream and call it desert. We can sum up the similarity and difference of bread from cake. Bread is everybody’s meal. Cake is a rich man’s bread.

  • sandwich bread has yeast as a leavening.

    bread is not sweet

    cake uses baking soda or baking powder or both depending on the recipe.

    cake is sweet

    The only similarity I can see between cake and sandwich bread is the fact that they both contain flour.

    Now then, there are quick breads which are more similar to cakes in that they are somewhat sweet and also use baking soda or baking powder as leavening. Banana bread is a good example

  • That’s kind-of funny. For my next birthday I’m going to ask for a loaf of bread covered in chocolate icing with candles.

    I’m not sure what the chemical differences are, but I know that eating bread daily is healthy and eating cake daily is unhealthy. That means cake is richer than bread.

  • Bread has yeast in it. Some coffee cakes have yeast, but regular cakes don’t have it. They’re all baked goods, but breads are not generally classified as a dessert (unless they’re “sweet breads”, which don’t have yeast). The mixing techniques are different for breads (dough) and cakes (batter) too

  • cake could definitely be considered a type of bread depending whats in the cake

  • i’m so with you in this one! Who needs a slab of malt loaf rather of something chocolatee and sensational? Malt loaf is a wealthy yeast bread dough enriched with malt extract and black treacle. generally has raisins added previously being baked in a loaf tin. It replaced into invented via Ron Pugh whilst working for Warburtons Love the sound of the Wikipedia recreation – definately going to be giving that a pass!

  • Cake is cake and bread is bread. For the difference all you have to do is read the label.

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