is canned cнιcκen pre cooked?

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is canned cнιcκen pre cooked

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    The canning process involved cooking the food inside the can which STERILIZES it. Then sealing the can while it is still sterile so that nothing can get into it.

    All canned food is fully cooked, although most of it will taste better when heated up.

    It is impossible to buy canned raw cнιcκen, it simply does not exist.

  • Is Canned ᑕнιcκen Precooked

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    Yes, the cнιcκen will be fine cooked from frozen … You said it is pre-cooked. That would leave me to believe it is already cooked it just needs to be heated.

  • It is definitely cooked. I buy it and use it instead of Tuna. I think it tastes better in Tuna Helper, or any dish that you put Tuna in. It makes great ᑕнιcκen Salad sandwiches. You will find it right close to the canned Tuna in the grocery stores.

  • It should say on the label whether it’s cooked or not, but usually canned items are cooked.

  • yes it IS cнιcκen, and it is cooked

  • yes it is. It would also be printed on the front of the can if it was fully cooked.

  • oh it’s cooked alright

    but thats not cнιcκen

  • it should say on the label, ive never heard of canned cнιcκen either and as the other guy sed its probably not cнιcκen o_O depends what sort of cнιcκen it is you buy.

  • no.

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