is a scam?

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its been almost a month now since iv ordered a costume on this website and supposedly i was supposed to receive my tracking number in 4 business days. It has passed a week already and i have not received word from anyone that “works” on this site, nor have i received my tracking number or confirmation that my payment was made. Ever since my last email asking about my payment i’ve stopped getting emails from these people and their website went down one day..and i don’t see their contact information anymore on the side. I don’t know if i should wait a little longer or report fraud. Plus this was a halloween costume and its almost Halloween. I feel like an idiot for trusting this site.

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i paid using paypal…

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  • Yes, they either don’t send you anything or send a counterfeit item.

    Before you use a website, look at the payment methods, if they offer Western Union or Moneygram they are criminals. Those services are not intended for businesses to receive money but they are convenient for the crooks as it enables them to hide their real identity from you. However you intend to pay, still check if they are using these two services.

    Better still, only buy from well known sites.

    Horrible people.

    EDIT: No point in reporting them for fraud, they are in countries were the police do nothing about it and won’t co-operate with your police. Sadly, I doubt you’ll see the item you ordered or your money.

    EDIT: Raise a dispute with paypal, you should get it back unless they have withdrawn the money and deleted the account you sent the money to.

    Source(s): Look at the questionable payment methods on the site you mentioned:….

  • If you paid with a credit card, then call your card company and cancel the transaction. If they were a leigtimate business they would have accepted credit cards

    If you paid any other way, you have no way to get your money back and probably aren’t going to get anything

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