Is college worth it or not?

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I hear a lot of “pffftt college is a waste of time.” now, of course those are people that dont want college, they are just justifying not doing something that we are taught makes us successful and smart.

I have read a lot of insightful pages about college’s value. they all seem to show that college does nothing about a persons comprehension and critical thinking, but that it is made for engraving information onto your brain. naturally, if you have comprehension skills, this is not half bad, as it gives you some experience for you work. But this does nothing to make you understand the information and use it, only how to memorize it.

college is required for a lot of jobs. you cant put ” I read for hours every day about this work and try to understand it all with detail”. well, of course you can, but you probably won’t get the job. does this alone make college worth it?

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  • I absolutely worked my вυŧŧ off to earn money to put myself through college. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. It was totally and absolutely worth it for me. Education made me a better person. Education oƿє-ṅєd a world of higher thinking I never could have gotten had I just stayed in the same place.

  • We live in a world where degrees come first. Not a man’s real command of his hands, just what a piece of paper says he can do.

    Is it worth it? If you got the courage to make things happen, face adversity, and perseverance, sorry son, nothing’s gonna stop you.

    At face value, for the average Joe, college at best is gonna give you a job (getting sketchy these days, know a person who’s excellent in her craft but hasn’t been able to land the initial spot for a job yet for 5 years). But for the Smart Ted, it’s a opportunity to make friendships with some people you might need to give a call later.

    So you look at it and make a judgement yourself. It’s really a question you can honestly answer. We can only inform you what live’s taught us thus far.

  • One way to answer: gives vocational opportunities, usually for high school graduates. Finding one that you like, training in the typically 2-year courses, places you at 20 in a position to work part time and attend a local college or community college. It’s similar to delaying college a year, or two years’ service in the military. One is more mature, has some income earning trade, and generally will be able to benefit from some college then.

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  • Well, unless you have some extra ordinary skill or talent, you are not likely to make your mark on this world without a degree to back you up. There are rare exceptions but most people without a BA/BS are condemned to a life of drudgery. That said, a BA/BS still means you have to work hard.

    The first critical thinking you need to do is to dismiss those who believe college is a waste of time (and money). They are wrong. And I’d bet that most who say that don’t have a college degree.

    Aim for the sciences, math, computers, or some other engineering. Avoid a degree in communication, education, or psychology. Communications and education are too easy and too many people get degrees in psychology.

    Everyone in my family has a degree. My ex-wife had a degree in molecular biology. My step son has a degree in Aeronautical Engineering at San Jose State and pilots C747s. My son has a degree in Computer Engineering from Cal Poly at SLO and started his own computer company last year. My daughter has a degree in Biological Sciences, graduating *** laude, from Yale and is finishing up her Ph.D. in Political Science with specialty in International Treaties at UC Berkeley. My degree was in chemistry from FSU and computer engineering from University of Florida and I’m retired. Our degrees helped us enormously.

    By the way, even though I am retired I am working on a degree in cognitive sciences at University of Central Florida.

  • I failed getting a degree, but have no regrets I learned a lot.

    One benefit that college provides is the people you meet who will or already are working in your field. I know a lot of people who got job offers from the people they meet in college. Get to know other students they can help you find a job if they find one before you do. And get to know your professors, they are often approached by employers who are looking for good students.

  • Great question.

    There are a lot of people who manage to be successful in business and entertainment without college but they usually possess natural gifts that most of us don’t. Then there are people who spend the expense and time to go to college and are still not successful.

    In the end I believe it depends on you, how badly you want to be successful, and whether or not you possess the necessary motivation to put forth the effort get where you want to be in life.

  • Not going to college is one of if not my only and biggest regret that I have. Seriously it will help you find employment ten fold. The time spent there will be good for you and the experience will be great. How do i know this well all of my friends did and they are better of because of it. Sure it does not guarantee you work but it certainly helps you obtain it. How many lawyers, doctors, teachers etc are there that didn’t go to college?

  • I think it’s better to have a skill.

    You can learn to become a chef in a fine restaurant,

    or you can have a collage degree, and work in a fast food restaurant,

    because a job with your degree is hard to find.

  • Engraving information and not increasing comprehension skills or critical thinking!!!!??? What a laugh!

  • Depends on what you major in and how much effort you give. Major in something worthless or not investing your time and then yes it would be a waste. So just go get a job at McDonalds and learn how to be happy.

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