Is Deana Carter related to June Carter-Cash and Johnny Cash’s families?

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June and Johnny both died in 2003.

I’m asking because she looks an awful lot like June when June was young, except Deana has blonde hair.

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  • She is not related the ‘Carter-Cash’ family. Her father was however an influential musician in Country and Rock-n-Roll. He worked with Roy Orbison, Joan Baez, Simon & Garfunkel, Neil Young and several others.

    Just curious, why are you asking this in the ‘Movie’ category?

  • Joan Carter Cash

  • i like them, i’m 23 yet whilst i grew to become into in midsection college my dad had a tape of Johnny money and that i fell in love with the music “I on no account Picked Cotton” and characteristic enjoyed him because. have not rather listened to distinctive June yet to love the songs that Reece sang that have been by utilizing June. ignore what your human beings think of, no person is greater ideal than Johnny and June!!!

  • No they are in no way related. Some people just have the same last names.

  • yes i think so she looks a like june in the face

  • She is June Carters daughter by one of her husbands, Johnny was her step father

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