Is ensure bad for cats?

My cats really loves to drink the ensure meal replacement!! I would like to know if it’s bad for them though…

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  • That’s a very expensive way to feed cats! Cats really must have cat food for the taurine so I hope your cats get enough of that. I really don’t think Ensure has anything great to offer them.

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    You could try reporting them, at least then if other people check, they would see there was a report made. As far as the kitten goes, he sounds like a real joy and a big love, I think I would opt for a surgery as opposed to euthanasia… but there may be other options. Make sure you do your homework first. I had a large Maine Coon kitten that used to love sitting on top of our refrigerator, and he must have landed wrong the one time, because he had run under the bed, then he wouldn’t come out, which was not at all like him. When I bought him out, he wouldn’t walk. I took him to the vet, and I don’t know if it was because of his age and the fact that he was so big (he was almost double the size of his litter mates), if it was weak, or what… but he had to have a hip replacement surgery, it was that or put him to sleep. I opted for the surgery. The cat is about 15 yrs old now and doing just fine. Has never had another problem with it. He did have quite a bit of down time in a crate for weeks after the surgery and pain management, so forth, but to look at him 1 yr later, you would have never known. Needless to say, for me it was a learning experience, and my cats no longer have access to the top of my fridge. So I guess what I’m trying to say is, make sure you do your homework before you make any decisions, I know it can be hard financially, but you will feel better you did it in the end, and that’s “IF” it becomes necessary. I guess I would keep him, and do my best to help him (the cat) deal with the situation he was dealt. You are right, if you take the cat back, chances are he will not get proper treatment, or will end up getting another person who will not care as much as you. It’s really up to you to do what you feel is right for everyone involved. Ask your vet if there could be anything else legally you could do besides taking him back. To me, that wouldn’t be an option. Like maybe getting those people to care more about their cats instead of using them for ATM machines!!! I hope everything works out the best for all involved, especially the cats.

  • No, it’s not bad for them but keep it only as an occasional treat because too much Ensure will cause the cats to put on weight. Nutrition boosters such as Ensure were originally invented as a way to get people who have stopped eating to get nutrition. As a result, it is loaded with calories even though many people also use it as a diet drink and then can’t understand why they aren’t losing weight.

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    Is ensure bad for cats?

    My cats really loves to drink the ensure meal replacement!! I would like to know if it’s bad for them though…

  • No. Just make sure to watch the cats’ weight as it will probably experience some major weight gain due to all the nutrients found in Ensure.

  • No, it’s full of nutrients and is even good to give a convalescing cat who has no appetite and refuses to eat.

    Wish one of my ultra fussy cat who’d rather fast than eat would willingly lap up!

  • They like it because you gave it to them.

    Yes, it not good for them, only humans. Too much protein.

    Cat’s do like milk products, but is not good for their digestive system.

    Another suggestion is get them to take kitten milk from the pet store, to get them off of ensure gradually.

    Try to get them to eat some wet food that will satisfy them, if you haven’t already tried.

    But, be careful with human foods.

    Try, it will take time, but your cats will live longer.

  • No its not bad for them. Its actually a lot more nutrisious than regular. Its good.

  • cats are carnivours…

    I am not sure what is in Ensure.. but I dont think its meat….

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