Is espresso color same as cappuccino color?

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I’m planning to buy a dining table with “espresso finish” and chairs with “cappuccino finish.” From the picture they both look dark brown and I can’t really tell the difference. Does anyone (maybe someone in the furniture industry?) know how different those colors are… or are they same color?

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  • Espresso, cappuccino, java, merlot, golden oak, medium walnut, etc. etc. etc. are not distinct colors, only someone’s idea of what it should be. It will vary from vendor to vendor.

    I was talking to a friend about getting some touch up for an espresso finish. I showed it to a friend and he called it “extra dark mahogany.” I finally found a couple of cans that matched what I wanted, one is called “Black Cherry” and the other “Newport ebonized cherry.” Most often, they have a red undertone and black or brown overtone. When I create them from scratch, I’m using the wood tones, several stains, and top coats to all contribute to the final color.

    Go figure.

    If they look the same to you, they are the same. Though they can vary in different light conditions, viewing angles, and different background colors (known as “metamerism”)

  • Cappuccino Color

  • I think of espresso as a dark, rich mahogany.

    Cappuccino is lighter but can still be very rich.

    Either color may be warm or cool depending on the undertones.

  • You would really have to see them in person, one person’s

    Cappuccino can be exactly like another’s Expresso. Or they can be very different. They are both brown, most likely, but they may not match. That might work for you, but then again, it may not. Be sure you can return either the table or the chairs or both, just in case!

    Good Luck!

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  • Is espresso the same color as merlot

  • Cappuccino is more of a lighter brown and expresso is darker. Well, thats atleast what I get from working with expressos and making capuccinos.

  • espresso looks black to me. Who knows ?

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  • i would assume expresso is darker cappuchino..

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