Is FileFactory (.com) safe?

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I’ve got a torrent file on my computer and i want to download it.

Is the website safe and would it work?

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  • According to siteadvisor

    10 off 17 downloads were considered a nuisance

    And the rest having a red cross with Trojans,spyware,virases…

  • Is Filefactory Safe

  • 1. The File Factory website itself is safe. File Factory allows you to upload files to their servers. The files which are on File Factory may not be safe, as it is not File Factory who is storing the files, but it are the users who use the services of File Factory.

    2. When you download the files via a torrent, you are actually downloading these files from various other users. Parts which you have downloaded yourself are shared with other users as well. File Factory is not involved in torrents, so your question does not make any sense.

  • Both downloads are fine, they are the demo versions of the software but it’s the same as the full version, except that it needs to be registered to be fully functional.

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