Is legit?

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I mean how will you know you”ll get your money after you win a game….and what if you’re playing madden and get glitched

while money’s on the line, how does that work?

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  • is legit. We launched the site in Nov. ’06 and have been gaining momentum ever since.

    Once you join one of our 1 v.1 tournaments and your opponent(s) accept the challenge, you play your game using your console. After the game, one player reports the results and the other player verifies the results. The winner is then awarded the prize into their account.

    If there is a disputed outcome, evidence is collected (screen shots, on-line records, e-mail stats) and we attempt to determine the actual outcome. If a winner is determined they get their prize and the other player gets a dispute on their record. Three disputes in 30 days results in account suspension.

    To avoid glitches, clearly state no glitching in the rules when you set up your tournament. If you get glitched and there was a rule against it, quit the game immediately and report it to our support staff. You will get your money back. If you get glitched and continue to play the game to completion the outcome of the game will stand.

    We have held over 10,000 successful tournaments paying out more than $100K in prizes. Less than 5% of matches resulting in unresolved disputes.

    If you have any questions or concerns call our toll free support line 866-WE-GAME-NOW (934-2636), AIM gamersaloon, or email [email protected]

  • I think nothing is wrong about games but st what happens is that some one so ungrateful leave quite assured to collaspe your system I think all are understanding.

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  • Beware of this site. They have bots working for the site that will scam you.

  • Interested in this

  • no matter if it is legitim or no..they will send you what u have won..or if u bought me!

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