Is global a good university in bahrain..?

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i want to do a bachelors degree in accounting or finance at evening.. but in bahrain no universities provide it except global university.. please give me your suggestions regarding this university.. is it worth studying here..

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  • why do not you wait for the Issuance of ” Quality Assurance Authority ” report before deciding to go there …

    because you know the educational issue in Bahrain regarding some universities and institution which first have been given t the permission to run business in bahrain , when it was only later that they were declared as unrecognized or weak university by QAA.


    Any way ….this institution has really old root in bahrain …but it does not mean necessarily that it is getting better by time, actually it’s becoming old !

    The majority of its’ students are Asian…so it’s certificate is welcomed more by “asian ” employers ..make sure when you apply for a job in future that the organization got some one Asian in the HR…

    Now talking about my personal experience … I have taken some short courses there when I was younger …and what I have seen is that the institution has lost its glory it used to have…

    Especially regarding their academic crew… No offence ,…but they were the worst I have ever been taught by ! we did not get any written curriculum to follow … we had to report our lecturer to the Administration because she was happy spending half an hour blabbing with her friend outside the class ON our Classes time account ! We have not had any homework to support the learning techniques,,,, etc …

    I though that since I am studying in ” kinda of ” an (indian) institution I would receive a decent and strict education … but it was no thing like what it supposes to be …Look at some other rivals like birla institution for example!

    At first glance, the programmes sounds great compared with the cost … but it just a programme that needs a professional people to execute it … …

    I am not sure wheather you are high school graduate or not yet ?…have expirence or not ? Deciding whether it is a good decision to go there on not , that all depends on your own situation .,,….


    Unfortunately Friend, many organizations are not recruiting now. With the global recession, many companies, especially banks, are not recruiting until they start making profit again. I am sorry but I do not think I can help you as I am in the banking market, and everything is just on hold. I do not think it is a good idea to come to Bahrain on a visit visa and look for a job, I think you will be wasting your time. You should keep trying to apply via the internet. I also suggest if you contact recruitment agencies who can look for a job for you while you wait, that is the best think you can do, in my view. Contact the following g and tell them that you are interested to work in Bahrain and provide them with your CV: 1) Gulf Connexions. 2) Gulf Bankers 3) Orient 4) Alan Mitchell 5) Highland 6) Clarendon Parker 7) Carmichael Fischer 8) efinancial careers Hope this Helps

  • Global is an institute not a university and it’s one of the worst in Bahrain , very old and in need of serious renovations!

    Try New york institute of Tech. , AMA or Ahliya University.

    Good luck and Don’t Go to Global.

  • Want to study Accounting and Finance?

    Go visit Ernst and Young offices in Al-Moayyed Tower 18th Floor

    They offer a variety of International Certified Accounting programs like CAT, AAT, ACCA, CIMA and many others

  • Global is institute not a university

    they are good but pricey

    but you can go to AMA university they have a night time.

  • WiLL They provide student Visa in global institute

  • Global?

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