is g&p a good airsoft Brand?

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cause i just ordered a g&p m4 carbine from evike and i wanted to know if i did the right choice….and if so could you tell me how good it is

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  • It is one of the best brands out there, along with King Arms, Tokyo Marui, and Classic Army. I bought thier limited edition Defender just to try it out, and sold it a week later for profit, but it was by far the best AEG I’ve ever shot.

    My only recommendation for you is not to buy from Evike. As popular as they are, they’re not a good company. Same with Airsoft GI. So if you could find it elsewhere, buy it from there.

    Hope I could help.

  • G&p Airsoft Guns

  • Austen apparently is fairly new to airsoft, and airsoft sights. Airsoftgi is one of the best, if not the best, place to buy online. Shortyusa, hobbytron, and airsplat have the worst reputations. Airsoftgi, redwolfairsoft, and trinityairsoft are the best. Evike is lower on the line, but they seem to have fine transactions for the most part.

    Anyways, G&P is a very good choice. Like the others said, it’s up there with TM, G&G, ICS, KWA, and some of the classic army guns.

  • try looking into the WE Tech m4 GBB or Inokatsu Sopmod. The Sopmod has been designed as genuine as attainable, having a similar flinch as a 9mm. They sell them the two on Redwolf Airsoft.

  • G&P is inline with all the other competition brands such as Tokyo Marui, G&G, Classic Army, and King Arms. Their guns are like G&G’s, they come a little weak but they are fully upgradable.

    I recommend an airsoft gun going under the brands of the ones above. Guns from JG, Echo1, Cyma, Dboys, etc. are known as budget guns. They come with high fps but their internals don’t last. One year at max.

  • Never heard of it, actually. Looks like it makes some good guns though. i think it’s fine, don’t worry about it!

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