Is [IF2]+ a tetrahedral?

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Is [IF2]+ a tetrahedral and bent? or is it linear

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  • Iodine is the central atom, and it has two bonding pairs of electrons (one pair for each of the fluorine atoms), and two unshared electron pairs (non-bonding pairs). This would give the molecule a tetrahedral electron pair geometry, which includes two bonding pairs and two non-bonding pairs. The molecular geometry just considers the atoms, however. The molecular geometry is bent, with a bond angle like that in a tetrahedral molecule, i.e. about 109 degrees (actually a little less than that).

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    Is [IF2]+ a tetrahedral?

    Is [IF2]+ a tetrahedral and bent? or is it linear

  • It cannot be tetrahedral as there are not 5 atoms.


    it is bent. There is a pair of electrons on the I that forces the bonds between the F atoms to bend.

  • i think its bent for tetrahedral it has to have 5 atoms

    it could be tetrahedral if its taking into account the electron pairs

  • im pretty sure it’s bent

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