is infinity minus 1 still infinity?

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infinity is never ending right? so if u subtract 1 from infinity will you still get infinity?

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  • Infinity is NOT a number !

    The arithmetic of infinities is beyond secondary (and most college) math courses.

    Read Georg Cantor.


  • Infinity Minus Infinity

  • You can’t “subtract” a number from infinity. Infinity is a concept, an idea – not a number.

    Something that never ends minus one, would still never end. In this sense, infinity minus 1 is still infinity.

    Or you can say that infinity minus 1 is infinity minus 1

  • Infinity is not a number. It is the concept of that which is unbounded. As such, it cannot be altered by adding and subtracting 1.

  • Infinity is not usually considered a number, but you can extend the real numbers and define such things as adding and subtracting numbers from infinity.

    If you do that, then infinity – (any real number) = infinity.

  • if you take out a glass of water from sea, sea remains sea.

    if take out 1 from infinity, infinity remains infinity

  • it is infinity – 1

  • Let L = (infinity – 1)

    no different than

    Let i = (the square root of a negative number)

    All you have to do is just imagine it in your great mind that it does exist, and it puff, it exists…

    Math is all a big game you have fun with, that s all, just remember to go by the rules, unless you let W be a world where mathematical rules do NOT exist. Awesome.

  • yes, infinity plus or minus any number is infinity

  • It depends on the context of ordinal or cardinal. If dealing with ordinal numbers, no. If cardinals, yes. As well, due to aleph-zwei (“2”), for example. plus or minus some finite value, still equaling aleph zwei, you can plainly see that transfinite cardinals are indeterminate, unlike transfinite ordinals. But the infinite cardinals are not TOTALLY indeterminate, as there are defined boundaries. Aleph-null just has to be any countable infinity (larger than any finite quantity but able to make one-to-one correspondence with all the natural numbers), whereas aleph-eins (“1”) and higher, have to be too large to correspond one-to-one with the finite natural numbers, with sizes increasing uncountably infinitely many times per aleph number.

    Source(s): and its links contain a wealth of information about infinity, and the different variations.

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