Is Ink flammable in general?

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Is ink that can be soluble in water flammable?

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  • In general..most of the inks we use for writing is not. The inks I use in my career, are down right flammable.

  • Is Ink Flammable

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    Is Ink flammable in general?

    Is ink that can be soluble in water flammable?

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    Here’s a general formula used by a few of the old timer cartoonists. It can be diluted with water once you’ve got the basic recipe completed, but it makes a pretty good ink for “dip” pens or brushes. squeeze two 14 ml tubes of ivory black watercolor pigment into an 8 oz. measuring cup. (This is the easiest way to get pigment other than actually buying the dry pigment and spending hours grinding it down to the consistency for ink.) Add 2 OZ. of shellac Add 1 OZ of isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) Add 1 OZ of standard lighter fluid Add 1 OZ of distilled water. Mix thoroughly, then pour contents in a bottle. Keep it tightly capped, and be careful with this stuff. It’s FLAMMABLE!!

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