Is it Illegal to turn on Your own electric? HELP.?

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Hi. I payed my electric deposit for my new apartment last week. And because I didn’t call back with my receipt code, they turned it off today. They now have my payment but can’t turn it on until tomorrow. The problem, is that I have a $15,000 baby grand piano and my heat is electric! If it gets below 50 degrees my piano is F*****! Is it illegal to turn the electric on by myself by flipping the switch as long as I am paid up on my bill???

Yea, my piano won’t freeze to death, neither will I.. but It’s 15K. and more sentimental than anything.

LOOK PEOPLE. I was never told about the recepit code.. and THEY admitted fault. Please, save me the smartass remarks, and please just tell me if it’s illegal or not.

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  • It’s more than just flipping the main switch. If that was the case, everyone that has had their power cut would turn it back on. Most likely, they removed the meter and temporarily disconnected the current. Try to turn it back on yourself and you will be fined and most likely electrocuted.

    Usually, they turn off the main breaker to prevent any damage that could be caused by people leaving things turned on once the power is reconnected. They wont turn it on unless someone is home. You can flip it anytime you want to.

  • It may be illegal, but it also would be permissible. There is a doctrine in law called necessity, which permits acts that would normally be illegal to prevent some type of harm usually to persons, but which can also apply to property. Your $15,000 grand piano would qualify as a justifiable cause to prevent harm and loss of proper use of the piano. This of course would have to be decided by a judge, but you would have a justifiable legal basis for you turning on the electric power (to prevent harm to your $15,000 grand piano).

  • Jessica it is illegal for anyone without an appropriate licence to operate or activate mains power switches ; you are not even supposed to replace blown fuses yourself. Laws vary depending on your location .

  • go ahead and break the law

    your piano wont freeze to death its an object its not living

  • If you have a hardship you can contact the public utility commission in your state/county and complain. I did it because they gave me 3 weeks to turn my heat back on in the fall and I was ill. The commission made them come that day.

  • Rent a center; space heater

  • next time know they mean business when they say something needs to be done. how do you have inet w/o electric?

  • call them and tell them what happens if you dont get elec. now.

    If something happens you can try to sue!

  • It is illegal and can be prosecuted as theft of service.~

  • you and your dog sit on it to warm it up….

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