Is it just autistic people getting left out or is it just anyone gets left out?

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I am 22 y/o female with autism, I have been experienced being left out being people and after I hear stories from other people getting left out of friendships I have just wanted that is it normal people autism get left out but its anyone

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  • Yes, even us NTs get left out sometimes.  It can happen for various reasons. As an example, you might meet people at work with whom you work really well as a team.  Everyone is polite to each other and often do each other small favors to make the day pleasanter or the work easier, which of course also makes the day pleasanter.  However, you might not “click” on a friendship level.  Then you find out that several of your co-workers get together after work or go away together on the weekend.  I’m not going to lie, finding that out hurts at first and it can feel like an attack, but if you take a step back (this can take a few weeks) you realise that you just don’t fit together as friends but they way you work together well and the way you like each other at work is real.  Of course the worst thing is when you introduce a friend to another friend and they like each other more than they like you and start to phase you out.  That happens too, and yes, it does hurt.

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