Is it legal to buy items wholesale for personal use? ?

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I want to order things in bulk from stores like the only problem is I’m not sure if it’s legal or not. But I save like 21 dollars on dishsoap alone of I order it this way..

I already know a ton of wholesalers… but I’m not using a resale license..

Yeah, it’s a little harder not to ask “stupid” questions when you’re connected to the military, you don’t get charged for crimes the same way civilians do.

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  • The regulations are on the selling side. There isn’t anything to stop you buying in bulk to save money, but of course there are tax issues, resale licensing and so on if you decide to sell the goods. For example, if you sell the goods and keep some for personal use you have to report that on your tax.

    Many wholesale companies are starting to lower their minimum order quantities to target eBay sellers and so on so its getting easier to save this way. is similar idea but there isn’t any minimum order quantity as they split the wholesale lots for you. Not a great range of products yet though.

  • If you’re using your Resale License to puchase the items, then it’s illegal to use it for personal use. But, nobody will know unless you do it on a regular basis and someone narks on you.

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  • its not only legal, its also wise and practical, esp nowadays prices are high… as long as you are able to buy wholesale enough for your own consumption (no hoarding)

  • o my ******* god, you americans have got to be retarded, i see here on yahoo answers people ask the stupidest questions. who cares if it is legal or not? even if they catch nothing is going to happen.

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