is it normal to feel hot and cold at the same time?

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over the past ten days or so, i’ve noticed that i feel too hot, i’m sweating, but cold at the same time. don’t think i’m coming down with the flu or anything. it’s a weird sensation and makes me feel irritable.

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  • I know exactly how you feel.It can be reallly annoying.

    What you have is something quite common called ‘cold sweats’. It basically happens when your body is really weak or has a virus/infection.Other causes could also include anxiety,stress,menopause,extreme exhaustion,poor nutrition,migraine,introduction to new medication,a hormone imbalance,etc.

    It’s really nothing to worry about. To get rid of it,start eating healthy foods,getting plenty of rest,meditating if you’re under stress, taking a multivitamin and just giving it a few days.If it really bothers you,you could check with your doctor.

  • Feeling Hot And Cold

  • This is a little complicated, but if I can explain Social Security, I can explain this. Under normal circumstances your core body temperature is maintained at a constant level by a glandular control center called the hypothalamic thermostat.

    During a fever, bacteria and degenerating body tissue give off substances known as pyrogens, which somehow cause the hypothalamic thermostat to ratchet up a notch. A host of physiological mechanisms then kicks in to elevate the body’s temperature, which usually takes several hours. At the outset the body is way colder than the hypothalamus wants it to be, so although you’re heating up, you feel cold, experiencing shivering, goose bumps, vasoconstriction of the skin (clamminess), etc.

    By and by; you reach fever temperature, and the chills stop. When the fever breaks the hypothalamic thermostat drops back to normal. You perspire, and because of vasodilation (enlarging of the surface blood vessels, allowing more blood to flow) your skin becomes flushed and hot, even though objectively you’re cooling off. Sound a little complicated? All I can tell you is, don’t sweat !!!

    If you’re not sick , it could be that you’re vascillating between hypo and hyperthyroidism like me. Hypo makes me have cold intolerance . My hands and feet get very cold. With hyper, I get so hot and sweaty. My metabolic rate is fast. My face is flushed. !! The doctor has to constantly adjust my thyroid meds.

  • I have hypothyroidism with hyper symptoms like rosie above and I get those weird sensations too. My feet and hands can turn blue in the cold as well.

    And I have MS and my right side can feel really cold while my left side is warm.

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  • you can visit the doctor just to be sure that there is no hidden sickness try and get some rest and eat lots of fruits and vegetables

  • I was wondering much the same question

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