is it ok to feed a cat vienna sausages?

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i don’t have anything else 🙁

wahhh :(((

i just found it thats why i don’t have any cat food. lol

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  • Probably not good to feed them a vienna sausage, but cats will eat pretty much anything that of a meat substance.

    Can you not afford cat food? If that is the case, you probably can’t afford to keep an animal as a pet. If you can’t afford food, I am more than certain you can’t afford vet bills if anything was to happen to him/her.

  • Definately NOT ok to feed vienna sausages.

    They contain ingredients, preservatives & seasonings that are bad for cats.

    Do you have any raw meat in the house?

    Do you have any cooked meat (cнιcκen, fish, beef, lamb) that is quite plain?

    Any canned fish (canned in water, not oil)?

    In case you are unaware, avoid milk.

    Hope you can get to a store and get some cat food soon!

    All the best.

    EDIT : In response to some people above – although it is probably reasonably harmless to feed TINY bits of vienna sausage as treats, very occasionally, it is certainly not ok to give a cat a ‘meal’ sized amount, even in a pinch.

    I guessed you must’ve just found the cat, good on you for helping the cat! If you’ll be able to get some kind of cat food in the next few hours, and have absolutely nothing else, then I’d say just give the cat a bowl of fresh water & wait until you’ve got some food for it.

    Again, well done for helping the kitty!

  • LOL… I’m not sure that it’s even okay for a human to eat vienna sausages.

    Seriously, you need to get some cat food for your cat. All of the sodium and other additives in vienna sausages will not be very good for him/her… especially if it’s eaten long-term. Also, just all of a sudden giving a cat something to eat that they’re not accustomed to eating can cause problems with their digestive system. If you feed him/her the sausages, be prepared for the possibility that he/she will have diarrhea, gas and/or possibly vomiting. It might not be a pretty sight at all. My recommendation is to find a way to go buy whatever cat food your kitty is accustomed to.

  • I agree with the people that are saying it is NOT okay to feed your cat this! Please go to any store and buy cat food. It is reasonably inexpensive..i mean even if u have to get the cheap Special Kitty brand from Walmart, at least it is better than feeding your kitty vienna sausages!!!

    Source(s): Veterinary Assistant
  • as long as it isnt daily.If you have nothing else there’s nothing wrong with it.Also if you want to give it as a treat but everything in moderation.I mean think of all the alley cats that eat all sorts of things and are doing fine.No worries.

  • It’ll be fine. Just don’t feed it to them as their daily meal. Vary the diet a bit. My cat luvs ’em.

  • eeew, I wouldn’t even eat vienna sausage

  • yes.

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