is it okay to eat “razzles”?

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Is it alright to swallow razzles(the candy that turns into gum)?

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  • of course, it is totally fine. it is a candy that turns into gum! i want one now!! if you go to my website, my address is on the home page and you can send me some if you want!! thanks! 🙂

    so, yes, candy lips, you can eat them. except, i just remembered that i had to have an esophagus transplant because it was clogged with colorful substances. the doctor had sc ɾąքҽ d everything off of my old esophagus and done a lab on it and found out that it was all a bunch off razzles! how bout that!! well, keep living, keep loving, keep eating razzles, keep chewing razzles! God loves you muffin cake!!

  • sure, it’s no different than swallowing regular gum. I would not do it myself but if you want to…as long as you do not swallow a big wad of it….you should be fine.

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