Is it okay to put hairspray in your eyelashes?

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My eyelashes never stayed curled so I decided to put a bit of hairspray on an old mascara brush i cleaned and put it on over my mascara after i’ve curled it! Its really working & I have made a habit of it, I am really careful not to get it in my eyes, but is there any effects it may cause and is it bad for you?

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  • No, this is not safe. Chemicals should not be that close to your eyes. When you blink your eyelashes become slightly moist, so the chemicals run into your eye and cause damage. Your eye lashes will also become dry and brittle and eventually fall off. Stop right away.

  • Hairspray On Eyelashes

  • No can cause them to fall out!! but a really good trick to keeping them curled you can warm up your eyelash curler by holding a blowdrying to it for about 5 seconds then curl! works like magic!!!

  • I can’t imagine that would be good for your eyelashes, it could cause them to fall out and/or become misshapen

    I’d recommend buying eyelash curlers and just add mascara one you are done

    If this doesn’t work you can just use fake eyelashes

  • No. Curl them first and use a waterproof mascara…

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