Is it okay to start buying cheaper gifts for casual friends?

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I have a lot of male and female friends.  Recently I’ve bought beautiful but inexpensive things which I’ve found at cheap Asian stores, like a cute gold plated mug, or at discount stores, like a dolphin paperweight, for $7.00; for birthdays for my casual friends.  To save money, because I used to spend too much and I am poor.  Is it okay to keep looking for bargains?  

2 Answers

  • Why not ?  It is not supposed to be how much the gift costs.  Hopefully you do not judge your friends by the price tag on their gifts, and they should not judge you.

  • There’s a difference between bargain hunting and tacky gifts. 

    Let’s say a friend really likes video games so you got him god of war for $10. That’s bargain hunting. 

    Let’s say you got him some god of war stickers for 10, that’s a tacky gift. 

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