Is it possible to hack into Skyward to change my grades?

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i’m failing one class by 5% and don’t want to take summer school and the last day of our trimester is in two days. is there any way to get into the system to change my grade?

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  • yes there is, what you do is call your local police department and tell them your problem and ask them to put you in touch with the there computer tech guy and have him come over to your house and show you how to do it, or you can maybe put about 6% more effort into your school work and get that passing grade

  • Truly, your best shot is begging on your hands and knees to anyone with the authority to change your grades. Hacking the system will just get you into trouble, because there’s no way to change all the backups.

    If there’s a problem, and the backups are used, your score will suddenly be without justification and will probably raise flags. After some investigation you’ll be utterly and completely screwed.

  • Okay so what you do is you log onto skyward, then once your in you click on student access. After that you are going to go to gradebook. Once your grades appear on the screen quickly go back to missing assignments and check what you have missing. Then do them. DONT BE LAZY!!!

  • Is it possible? Yes. If people can hack FBI computers than you can surely hack your schools

    Can you do it? Probably not. Especially if you have to come on to Y!A to ask if you can…

  • Sure there is, but then they would find out and you would be in even more trouble than before.

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