Is it radiation when you get warm from standing in front of a fireplace?

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3 Answers

  • Heat can be transferred in three ways, convection, conduction and radiation. You get warm standing in front of a fire because of radiant heat. Infra red radiation from the fire is absorbed by your skin which warms up. The room you are standing in warms up becuase the fire heats the air which rises and spreads around the room bringing cooler air to the fire to be warmed up. This is convection. If you put a poker in the fire and hold the other end, the poker warms up and the end you are holding gets hot. This is conduction.

  • No, that is convection.

    Radiation will be if the fireplace happens to be burning above your head; and it’s upside down. Think of it like the sun.

  • Yes, that’s radiant heat.

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