Is it true potatoes make your вυŧŧ bigger?

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or was my mother lying to me all these years.

by the way, she told me this in an effort for me to eat potatoes (i have an opposite of a big butt)

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  • “It’s not the potatoes m’lady that makes your вυŧŧ bigger, it is the cream and butter you put with them”.

  • Okay join a gym and do squats, lunges, and dead lifts these will not only make your вυŧŧ bigger they will also make it tight and round. Potatoes will make you gain weight, but keep in mind the weight will not go to just your вυŧŧ it will go to other areas that you may not want the weight.

  • Potatoes are high in carbohydrate, so if you eat lots of potatoes and don’t do any exercise then your body will store the excess carbohydrate as fat so yeah I guess they can make your вυŧŧ bigger.

  • That’s a lie, patato’s are really good for you as long as you don’t eat 50 of them in one sitting

  • Yea because of the starch and other things in it…It makes you bigger period

  • if you eat too much of them, then they make you bigger overall. If you eat too much of anything you get bigger.

  • Yes, thats why you see fat people crawling all over Idaho.

  • If ya eat too many, probably, but it’s mostly hooey.

    Source(s): My sources say no…..
  • That was her excuse for not cooking patatoes.

  • i dont know if thats true but you can do squats that helps

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